maxLIGHT offers maximum light collection and the highest efficiency in the industry due to its no-slit design. Aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage spans 1nm to 200nm with extensive spectral bandwidths, e. g. 5-80nm per individual grating.

The modular design matches a variety of experimental geometries and configurations. maxLIGHT features an integrated slit holder and filter insertion unit, as well as a motorized grating positioning.



  • flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph

  • proprietary H+P design for direct source imaging and maximum light collection


  • wavelength range from 1 to 200 nm

  • SXR 1-20nm / XUV 5-80nm / VUV 40-200nm

  • other wavelength ranges on request

  • operating pressure <10^-6 mbar


  • modular, adaptable design

  • turn-key, hassle-free operation

Special solutions


We offer specialized solutions for almost every application, including:

  • non-magnetic instruments

  • special housing geometries, in-chamber solutions

  • EMP-protection

  • special mounting situations (e.g. upside-down)

  • UHV configurations


Please contact us with any special requirements you may have.



Our goal is to supply the perfect XUV  spectrometer for your application. We customize every spectrometer to exactly match the desired application.


This includes e.g.:

  • interfacing to experimental chambers

  • adaption of the source distance

  • integration of customer-supplied detectors

  • user-defined filter mounts



  • high harmonic generation (HHG) radiation

  • high intensity laser-matter interaction

  • undulator and free-electron-laser (FEL) radiation

  • magnetically confined plasmas

  • fusion research

  • characterization of line-emission sources

  • EUV source calibration



Our spectrometers can be operated with all state-of-the-art detection systems:

  • x-ray CCD cameras for highest resolution, large dynamic range and absolute signal strength

  • large-area MCPs for broadest wavelength coverage and gated / intensified detection


We will select and supply the detector that best fits your application



For further specifications, please download the product spec sheet:

Please send us an email inquiry for further information, references or a quotation.


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